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Address :Pang Village Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan Province

We stick to the concepts of “everyone has talent and everyone can become the talent” and “talent is the living resource of enterprise”. Longxi performs the enterprise talents strategy by virtue of the concept of not pursuing perfect man rather than talent, not pursuing all talents rather than the useful men”.
Longxi initiates the working concept of health, happiness, enthusiasm and science. The staff can acquire the pleasure with health and enjoyment of working.
Development is not only the combination of persons and enterprise benefits, but also the common ideal and value shared by each staff; and it shall be the energy source to promote the strong development of the Company.
The Company provides complete salary and welfare guarantee as well as wide development space to each staff.
The Company encourages each staff to learn, create learn-oriented team and set up talents’ training mechanism; to strengthen the assessment, perform the performance assessment and perfect the talents’ competitive mechanism; to create a relaxed, harmonious and highly effective internal environment and establish scientific employment mechanism; and to perfect the talents’ introduction mechanism and supporting management system. We are doomed to be the leader in market for ever.